The Big Reveal – The 12 Finalists

The judges in the LUXE Paris Look of the Year contest have been selecting 6 semi-finalists each week for the last 5 weeks. This week they assessed the 30 semi-finalists […]

The judges in the LUXE Paris Look of the Year contest have been selecting 6 semi-finalists each week for the last 5 weeks. This week they assessed the 30 semi-finalists to pick 12 finalists. They are presented below.



Becky Kenaan



Freya Lara

Jewell Ember

Nany Jurado

Sakura Sugarplum


Tryska Moon


Due to a twist of fate, Lillbirdee was added to the group of 12 finalists because one of the original 12, Anaelah, was crowned Miss Virtual Diva last weekend and she decided to withdraw out of respect for the two brands. “But I will be back next year,” she said with enthusiasm.

Therefore, LUXE Paris looked for the next best score in the semi-finale and invited Lillbirdee to participate in the final activities of the competition.

The selection of the finalists brings the LUXE Paris contest to the half-way point. Now there is a series of events to narrow it down to the winner and runners-up. As we move into this final phase of the contest, there are two public events worth attending. On Sunday, July 22th will be the first CHALLENGE SHOW: LUXE Paris at the Beach and on Sunday, July 29th the second CHALLENGE SHOW: LUXE Paris at the Moulin Rouge and GRAN FINALE. Both events will begin at 10am SLT and will be held at Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM), Voodoo City (33, 51, 3008).

The judges are shown in the photo on the right.

First row, left to right: Boniefacio, AIM Modeling Agency, Parisian Skytower, LUXE Paris Owner/Designer, Mika Palmyra, LUXE Paris Owner/Designer, Naar Rexen, LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2017, Julia Brand, LUXE Paris Chief Operating Officer.

Second row: Zuri Rayna, Zuri Jewelry, Chemak Kamala, SL Confidencial Magazine, Ponchituti Boucher (seated), Pro Pose, Onix Noir, Alma Makeup, Adonis Lubomir, Swank Event, Ava Jhamin, L’Amour Diversity Magazine, Deepthinker Oh, Maniera Magazine.

I asked the judges to comment on how they saw this process unfolding:

  • Mika Palmyra – “I love the fact that there are 9 other judges from the fashion industry who help Parisian and I to choose our LUXE Paris ambassador. There are so many beautiful and talented women in the race. It is very hard to choose! With the scores from our large panel of judges, we get to know who will reach a larger audience.”
  • Parisian Skytower – “I can feel the excitement building each week. And now mid-way through it feels like it’s really becoming a realization that we will soon have the next Look of the Year. That is exciting but I also feel a little sad because the current Look of the Year will soon be replaced. It’s a bittersweet feeling as we will miss Naar Rexen so much. However, I am sure we will fall in love with the next LUXE Paris Look of the Year as we do each year.”
  • Chema Calonge – “This year I found the voting system more accurate. Both last year and this one, is being a very interesting experience for me. In my private life I had quite a relationship with photography. In SL I did not dedicate myself to it, but being a judge I’m liking it.”
  • Zuri Rayna – “The process rocked. Mika made everything very easy for the judges… smooth as silk and I loved making the crowns for the winner and runners ups! Thanks for choosing Zuri’s!”
  • Ava Jhamin – “I liked the process of how we did the picture submissions. I think the hard part is really picking contestants, that did justice to the outfit… for me if didn’t show the outfit in the best possible light that is where points for me were taken away.”
  • Naar Rexen – “When looking at the pictures again to select my favorites, all the time I was looking for a style that would impact me, so all the time my mind was: nice but it does not impress me or woww! I love it! and a feeling of pity because I could not give everyone the maximum score.”
  • Onix Noir – “I saw really good pictures during the process, so it was a wonderful experience to choose the better ones. Can´t wait to see the Finalists on the live shows.”
  • BonieFacio – “I did like the process very much, because I worked with this scoring system for many years now and introduced this system to Mika and Parisian. The positive thing is that this way is way easier for everyone and is clear. This way everyone get points and its easy to see who got the highest scores. Everyone gets like this a chance to make it.”
  • Maria Eugenia – “I have had the honor of being invited as a judge in the LUXE Paris Look of the Year contest for the past few years and I must say that it is always an immense pleasure to be part and enjoy the professional way Mika and Parisian organize and manage the competition. The contest has evolved not only in the transparent way in which the points that generate the results are collected and added but also in the openness that allows to all those who wish to participate to do so without restrictions of experience or knowledge, being the only requirements: good taste, elegance, class and the brand loyalty expected from someone who pretends to represent and be the image of Luxe Paris. Definitely a fabulous way to thank their customers and give them and to be part of it.”

Finally, Adonis Lubomir provided an insightful look at the way he arrived at a score for a candidate. The judges rated everyone from 5 (highest) to 1 (lowest). He said, “We have 5 levels. I start at 5. When I find something wrong or not nice I go to 4. Another thing, then 3. And so on. So a 5 to me is perfect as it should be. I want LUXE Paris to select the best as she will represent the brand, the style, the  image. It’s important to take it very serious. We are not just judges for fun.” I think each of us judges approached this task with the same sense of purpose and care.

Mika put together this excellent poster of the finalists and sponsors. All of the photographs above are links to the full size images, so click on any pic where you want to see the full details. To honor all those contestants who made it to the semi-finals, we present the 30 semi-finalists on a ManiUpdate page.



Written by Deepthinker Oh. Photographs by Mika Palmyra except the photographs of the finalists are by the finalists themselves.