The Finale at the Moulin Rouge

by Coco St. George By any measure, by every standard, the second challenge-show in the LUXE Paris Face of the Year Contest was an astounding success. Ninety-four people on two […]

by Coco St. George

By any measure, by every standard, the second challenge-show in the LUXE Paris Face of the Year Contest was an astounding success. Ninety-four people on two different sims, sixteen judges, twelve contestants, two runners-up, and one winner can’t all be wrong: the most prestigious fashion name in Second Life found the perfect ambassador. And while the search may be over, the friendships and ties that came about in this fascinating journey will last for a long, long time.

This time, the theme for the challenge-show, held on July 29th, was the Moulin Rouge, the renowned boîte de nuit in the district of Pigalle in Paris. The contestants were asked to dress up to spend a night of fun and leisure at that cabaret. Thus, we enjoyed an extravaganza of color, glamour, and high-end production in the splendid venue generously provided by Amazing International Modeling, one of the sponsors of this lavish event.

On the stage there were again Tenan Nox, on the keyboard, and Diana Balhaus, on the microphone, both guiding and explaining to the audience that we were about to watch the emotional moment where one winner would be selected among all the contestants. Also on stage, and in charge of the music, there was DJ LadyD Beauregard-Barbosa, spinning lovely French tunes to set the mood in mode of fabulous. And of course, behind all this effort, acting as brains and hearts of the fashion house and the concept itself of the contest, there were Paris Skytower and Mika Palmyra, owners and designers of LUXE Paris, as well as Julia Brand, COO of the firm and director of the show.

Naar Rexen, outgoing LUXE Paris ambassador

And obviously, there was also Naar Rexen, the incumbent LUXE Paris Face of the Year who is leaving in everybody memories of grace and beauty that will be not easy to top or even match. Her successor certainly will have to work very hard to live up to her legacy.

“Being the ambassador of Luxe Paris has been a huge gift that I have always taken with great pride wherever I have gone”, she said. “But if you make me choose something of everything I lived with, it would be without a doubt, the three wonderful people behind LUXE Paris: Mika, Paris, Julia.”

She later paraphrased the English writer Julian Barnes, saying, “In life, each end is just the beginning of another story”, and she added: “It is time for the story of the new winner of Luxe Paris to begin.”

Left to right, the finalists Catalysis, Aleriah (Lillbirdee), Freya Lara, Jewell Ember-Snowpaw, the First Runner-Up Viana Oaks (Curiosse), the new Face of LUXE Paris, Nany Jurado, the Second Runner Up Becky Kenaan, Runa Cos (Zaroto) and Tiyialic. Missing from the picture because of RL call, Anastasia Mahogany, Tryska Moon and Sakura Sugarplum. In the photo, three are missing because they had to rush to RL. So “Missing are Anastasia Mahogany, Tryska Moon and Sakura Sugarplum. Picture by Richard De Grataine Suoh.

She was right. One by one, all the contestants had already walked the catwalk, swaggering their way across the luxurious setting; they had shown their particular fashion choices for a night about town; they had displayed their poise and charisma, their elegance, and their command of the nooks and crannies of the trade. Now, the Great Twelve, the chosen finalists were standing on the stage, waiting for the final decision after all the votes were tallied. Months of work, of practice, of learning and practicing again would be coming to an end when the names were announced.

Finally, after a few nerve-wracking minutes, the announcements were made by Paris herself. “Even though only one of you will be the Look of the Year, you are all winners to us! We hope to continue to work with each of you on an individual basis. Your talent, compassion and sense of style are amazing and something you should all be proud of. Thank you!”

The title of second runner-up went to Becky Kenaan, from San Diego, U.S.A. A graduate from Classic with Style and Élysée French Modeling Academy, Becky is also an experienced fashion blogger.

As first runner-up was nominated Viana Oaks, hailing all the way from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and a certified model from One on One Academy, Canary Fashions Models and U. H. Models. But this was the first time she took part in a contest.

And finally, the moment we all were waiting for: the name of the new LUXE Paris Face of the Year, that coveted tittle not only because of the juicy prizes (in cash and kind, mind you) that come with it, but mainly for the satisfaction of being the ambassador of a prestigious fashion house; the pride of being able to embody the values of beauty, elegance, and charisma; and also, and not least, for the chance to work with some of the most talented people in the industry.

Nany Jurado, LOOK of the YEAR 2018, surrounded by Viana Oaks (Curiosse), First Runner-Up (left) & Becky Kenaan, Second Runner-Up (right). Dresses LUXE Paris, Crowns by ZURI.

Thus, without further ado, the name of Nany Jurado was declared as the new LUXE Paris Face of the Year 2018. Nany hails from Medellin, Colombia, and is a certified model from four academies (Miss Virtual World, Locuala Madruga, UH, and Miss SL), she was Miss Venezuela Virtual, first runner-up in Miss Virtual Diva, and was in the Top 10 of Miss Mundo Virtual. A lengthy career that led her to be crowned as Face of the Year for LUXE Paris. And we can be sure there will be many more successes in her future.

After the emotional announcements, the words of congratulations and cheers, a sense of elation dominated the stage. Yes, one winner was selected, but there were no losers. Everybody had something valuable to take home and to cherish for many years to come.

Written by Coco St. George. Photographs by Coco St. George and Richard De Grataine Suoh.

Coco St. George
Staff Editor