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There is now only one contestant left for the LUXE Paris “Look of the Year” contest. That person is Lorelei Maggs-Myer. The judges were splitting hairs and sweating lipsticks to […]

There is now only one contestant left for the LUXE Paris “Look of the Year” contest. That person is Lorelei Maggs-Myer. The judges were splitting hairs and sweating lipsticks to select a winner from the finalists, but a decision was made.lorelei-final

“Lorelei has everything we want LUXE Paris to exude: grace, elegance, style and individuality” said Mika Palmyra, one of the co-designers of the LUXE Paris brand.

How does a woman of style develop in Second Life®? Maggs-Myer began as most of us did.  “A real life friend told me about SL.  That it was a virtual environment, that was user created, and was a fun place to socialize.  Once I got in to SL, I learned very quickly about camping for Linden dollars. That was where I started to make a few friends.”

She had those adventures that we all had. “Once, I convinced a friend to “sit” on a catapult and “accidentally” shot him across the sim (we laughed so hard).  I loved taking new people to find and catch the little drakelets at Grendel’s Children… I miss that so much. Taking people to the Greenies sim to explore and do the little race track they had.  I really miss that place, it was so awesome. The laughs have been the most exciting adventures for me.”
1700x1360-150-dpi-maniera-page-2-revisedOne day Maggs-Myer nudged her way into the SL fashion world. She tells how she and her friend Tiffany attended a model auction for charity. Watching the auction was so engaging that her next adventure was modeling. She explains, “We realized our avatars needed makeovers, so we made our selves over, and applied to be store models. Then, in December of 2007, the store we were modeling for asked if we wanted to walk in a little runway show for the store.  That was all she wrote.  Terrified by my first runway show… I was completely hooked.”

Maniera-3rd-pageShe then got on with an agency (Capalini and Vantelli), took some classes, taught a little and went to modeling school, specifically the Elite Course at SUPER Elite. Eventually she ended up teaching, managing, modeling and building at SUPER Elite.

She developed skills at building and took the same developmental, exploratory route that she took with modeling. “It’s funny how I got started building.  Another friend I met at one of those early SL camping places, started learning to build, and I started tagging along and asking lots of questions.”

After learning to build simple things, she got into jewelry making, and eventually building runway sets for fashion shows.  “I still build jewelry, sometimes in collaboration with my SL sissy, Wicca.  And sometimes if I need something special for a styling or photo shoot I will build something special for it. Anyone need a Queen Frostine Crown and Scepter?

150-dpi-1700x1360-maniera-page-1-revisedShe has come almost full circle now, as she has her own agency and school and is training another generation of models. Maggs-Myer and her partners, KatieMichelle Xevion, Kenshin Xevion and Gavin Myer have founded the Superior Modeling Agency & Academy.

She said, “Our focus for both Agency and Academy is excellence and quality.  When we create a show for a designer, we create the show around that designer and the collection we are presenting.  We expect our students to give the course their best efforts, and we give our best in return. Muddling your way through the course is not an automatic pass at SMA.“page-4-maniera-ad-this-is-good

Parisian Skytower, the other co-designer of the LUXE Paris brand concludes, “Lorelei is also very confident, another quality we want our clothes to celebrate. We are very excited about working with Lorelei over the next year with our vendors and publicity! Although the competition was very close she has everything we want!”

Written by Deepthinker Oh. Photographs by Mika Palmyra. Model: Lorelei Maggs-Myer

Deepthinker Oh Managing Editor

Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor