Time for Resolutions

Time is an abstract concept devised by humans to provide order to the passage of the Sun through the sky. We created seconds and hours to divide up the day […]

Time is an abstract concept devised by humans to provide order to the passage of the Sun through the sky. We created seconds and hours to divide up the day and weeks and months to chart the path of the earth around the Sun. We created clocks and calendars.

Many countries use the Gregorian calendar and January 1 is the first day of the year. There are other calendars and they use various points in the Earth’s path around the Sun to mark a new year.

Often in the past, new year’s day was celebrated at the Winter Solstice (December 21st, the shortest day of the year). The Gregorian calendar uses January 1st as the new year and this calendar, our common calendar today, came into use in 1582. Not everyone agreed then and until 1752 the United kingdom celebrated the new year in March.

Other calendars are in current use and they have the new year falling on various dates also. The Chinese calendar is based on lunar cycles and new years falls between January 20 and February 20. The Islamic new year is also based on a lunar calendar and falls on September 22 in 2017. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, falls during September or October. There are many calendars used throughout the world.

Each calendar has a beginning and we celebrate the beginning of a new year with hope and often expectations for that new period in our lives. This brings me to new year’s resolutions.

I asked the MANIERA SL staff to send me their new year’s resolutions. I present them below.

Resolutions by Topaz Joubert, Publisher

I started my New Years resolutions in November by quitting smoking!

My other resolution is to work to my potential and try to be the best person I can be for 2017.

Resolutions by Sammie Audlin, Staff Editor, Writer and Photographer

Every year we ask ourselves what we should accomplish ​in the upcoming​ year. While I usually do that for my real life, I never actually did this for Second Life®. Virtual Reality does allow one to dream big. However, while I wish for world peace, I am old enough to understand this will not happen any time soon.

To begin with, I like ​my SL. Writing and photography are things I really love and they sure make​ ​up for a huge part of why I am in SL. A possible expansion might be getting involved in media production​ (preferably a magazine of course or online media). ​Being Managing Editor of Oh Boi Magazine was a thrill and I loved (almost) every second of it. ​Creating layouts again would sure be a plus. I would like to be part of a project that focuses on reader involvement.​ ​While I do believe that the media world in SL is changing, there is certainly a demand for information​ and it would be exciting to face the challenge.​

On a more personal side, I would like to invest much more time in landscape photography again (and regularly update my flickr). I am interested in joining photographer groups (SL and flickr) and be active there.

I hope I can get enough time from my RL to make all this happen.​ After all I want to make sure to spend some time with my SL friends too.​

Resolution by Sita Writer, Writer and Photographer

After loosing a dear friend, Dani Plassitz, suddenly this year, I will try to live in the moment and treasure each one.

Resolutions by Coco St. George, Writer

For the upcoming New Year, I’m keeping my resolutions clear and simple, otherwise, I risk ending the next year with a list of unfulfilled promises, bearing witness of yet another failure. So, after much soul-searching, pondering, and ruminations I set my mind on just two goals:

1. Be a better girlfriend for my boyfriends;
2. Purge my inventory of freebies and keep it tidy and organized.

And that’s it. I’ll call myself a happy girl if by this time next year I’ve accomplished at least one of them and my boyfriends are happier with me. Happy New Year and even happier resolutions!

Deepy writing her resolutions

Finally, a few thoughts from me, the Managing Editor, Writer and sometime Photographer

I want to continue writing for MANIERA SL. Working for Topaz and with all the writers and photographers here is my joy.

I want to be a good friend to those I know and love in RL and SL.

We look to a new year out of eyes of hope. With our resolutions, we affirm a good year filled with positive accomplishments and joyous relationships.


Written by Deepthinker Oh, who also took the photographs at these locations:

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