Time Travel

The Weimar Republic lasted only a few years after the Great War, the war that would end all wars, or, as it is known nowadays, WWI. In case you missed that particular History class in high school, the Weimar Republic was established in Germany after it lost the war, Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and fled, and the imperial realm became a democratic state.

While hyperinflation plagued the economy, this era, 1920-1933 saw an upsurge of creativity in every field of the arts, music, architecture, movies. Major artistic movements came about in those years, including expressionism. Those were also the years when the Bauhaus was established, a school for architecture and applied arts whose influence is felt even in our days.

If you feel curious, or nostalgic, about this fascinating period in history, you’ll be happy to know that you can relive those years right here, in Second Life.

Not finding what she wanted and realizing that it was up to her to create it, Frau Jo Yardley decided to launch her 1920s Berlin Project to have a place devoted to the Weimar Republic. That was back in 2009 and what started as a small bar now spans a whole sim with a detailed reproduction of Berlin in the roaring twenties. Every detail is thoroughly cared for and you won’t find anything that doesn’t belong to that time and place. Thus, a strict dress code is enforced, and visitors are requested to dress accordingly. If they don’t have the clothes, some free garments are provided at the train station, the starting point of this exciting travel back in time.

But besides the beauty of the buildings, what you might find even more valuable is the vibrant community Frau Jo Yardley has created through all these years. All the people that populate and inhabit the city are deeply embedded in the role-playing culture, and they are quick to react with wit and humor to most everyday comments, always framed in the period of time they are living in.

A note of warning should be made: while the Weimar Republic saw also a surge in political activity and struggles, for obvious reasons those topics are excluded in the sim. You may see political propaganda posted on the walls, but that’s only for decoration purposes. No discussions, no debates.

So, now you know. Grab your suitcase and point your teleporter to 1920s Berlin Project (243, 224, 1929). Pick the freebies if you just want to have a taste or go shopping in the stores for more sophisticated clothes if you think that’s your thing. Don’t forget to join the group and have fun!

by Coco St. George