To Infinity and Beyond

Scientists recently discovered an underground lake on Mars, and that finding has sparked a very spirited debate over the possible existence of life in the Universe or even in our own solar system. It also has stoked the public interest in space travel and catapulted to the foreground a topic that for many years languished in the quiet halls of academia and other centers of specialized research. Now Mars appears as a viable destination and some are already pitching the Red Planet as a life insurance for humankind, in case – God forbid – a global catastrophe forced us to take shelter in a different corner of the Cosmos.

It may take some time before space travel is available for the masses, but as a Second Life resident, you can enjoy that opportunity right away. Yes! The International Spaceflight Museum offers a rich exhibit of full-scale, accurate models of rockets and other spacecraft, along with an explanation about everything you need to know to venture beyond the Earth’s domain. You can ride a rocket, or the space shuttle Atlantis, to visit the International Space Station. Or take a tour of the solar system and get acquainted with our planet’s brothers and sisters. Point your teleporters to the International Spaceflight Museum and enjoy the ride!

by Coco St. George