Urban Zombie – Not Your Average Urban Combat Venue

by Sherrie Shepherd Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere!  That’s definitely the impression as you arrive at Urban Zombie.  The brain child of Urban Zombie co-owner Klatu Dexler, he and his SL partner […]

Zombie banner 3by Sherrie Shepherd

Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere!  That’s definitely the impression as you arrive at Urban Zombie.  The brain child of Urban Zombie co-owner Klatu Dexler, he and his SL partner and co-owner Jody Dexler have provided the Second Life community with a terrifying yet entertaining and fun experience.

Klatu Dexler and TreasureMonroe are on Zombie Patrol

Klatu Dexler and TreasureMonroe are on Zombie Patrol

To set the stage for the adventures you find there, you should understand that the V6 food-born and air-born virus escaped from a Government Test Facility and caught the population by surprise.  Many were killed outright by the horrible virus but those who survived hear of a place where refugees can find safety in numbers as they are trained to become fighters of the undead.  Here at this multi-national safe haven, General Klatu Dexler, Comander of the multi-national forces, proclaims “We have forgotten all of our petty differences, such as race and status.  There are two things that we all have in common; one is that we are all living; the other is that we are no longer on the top of the food chain because we are now the food!” Dexler invites everyone to, “Help us take back what is ours!”

Zombie featuredDexler opened Urban Zombie approximately five years ago after being inspired as he says by, “… any zombie movie and to some extent by the Walking Dead TV show.”  The venue represents his own concept of the apocalypse and the last human military hold out.  Over the years, the Urban Zombie group has grown to approximately 500 members with new members being added all the time.  Dexler spoke of the mission of Urban Zombie being, “The valiant attempt to regain what is left of humanity as one multi-national race, the human race.”  When asked what the ultimate goal was, he emphasizes, “It’s simply survival!”.  He adds that he wants it to be fun as well even though it can be very intense at times and he encourages everyone to have a few laughs in the process.

Blaze Batriani, a sergeant in the multi-national force, was assigned to escort me through the venue and serve as my protector due to my pathetic combat skills.   Batriani herself has been involved with Urban Zombie for over a year and loves the competitiveness.  She enjoys helping new recruits and getting them started.  There are three levels to Urban Zombie, each one designed to give you a unique experience and a little twist to intrigue you.

Zombie friendOn the first level, a stroll through the urban environment presents danger around every corner. Zombies of all genders, shapes and sizes, approach and attack relentlessly.   A swampy area on the edge of the city breeds some interesting types of zombies like a surfer zombie that tickles the funny bone and something unexpected in the form of a gator that devours you as if the zombies weren’t enough!

The second level can only be accessed by boarding a troop air transport and parachuting down to the air base below.  Climbing atop the buildings at the air base is no guarantee of safety for sniping at zombies, since drones flying above continuously drop zombies from the sky, essentially, raining zombies!  If you can get to the howitzers on the roof of the buildings, you have a shot of getting them before they get you!

Arriving at the third level, Broken City, it’s clear to see that this town has already been destroyed by the ravages of the zombies and ensuing combat and now zombie vultures have taken over and dive bomb you as soon as you arrive.  Zombie dogs join in the fray to keep you on your toes and complicate the possibility of winning the fight.

To join in on the adventure, one must join the group and purchase the kill hud for L$100 which accumulates points per kills. Those achieving certain levels of kill points progress through the ranks from PFC to Corporal, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, etc.  Cures are available for those unfortunates who get bitten.  A uniform is offered for sale.  A weapon is offered for free while other customized weapons are offered for sale.   The latest addition to the armory is the ARG 56 which is a 5.56x45MM Assault Rifle.  It also has an under slung 40MM Grenade Launcher.  A practice range is provided for members. Dexler plans contests and various events throughout the week for members.

Going forward, Dexler is continually adding new features to Urban Zombie with some interesting plans for the future. He doesn’t want anyone to get bored.  In closing Dexler offered, “I ask everyone, 30 days old or more, to at least come and check it out, if not for the zombies, for the environment, the visual appeal.”

Link to the sim: Urban Zombie, Crystal Gateway (139, 139, 26)


Written by Sherrie Shepherd

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