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Sustenance is a word that is not used very much. It generally refers to the food that keeps us alive. In Second Life®, our avatars do not really need food, […]

Food 2Sustenance is a word that is not used very much. It generally refers to the food that keeps us alive. In Second Life®, our avatars do not really need food, unless one considers that pixels eat electricity. Sustenance can also have a more general meaning that relates to something that gives us strength or support. The nexus of these two meanings is where eating in SL comes in.

Eating is nourishment for us and it is also a social activity that has both cultural and personal benefits. We enjoy eating with family and friends, especially at holidays, and the process of eating gives us sustenance.

Eating in SL has several layers. First is finding a place to eat and second is what to eat.

Food The WillowsNot everyone is aware that there are restaurants in SL. Real ones with real waiters who serve in lovely settings. You make an appointment and you and your guests are served dinner.

Jorden Andrew, owner of The Terrace restaurant, explained the social value of having a meal in SL, “It is an experience that they may not be able to experience with their loved one or family in RL, but can in SL. So, we try to depict that real life experience. There are role play restaurants in SL. I just don’t consider us one. For us the experience is real.” Andrew said, “I love what I do. I owned a restaurant in San Francisco years ago and SL allows me the opportunity to continue here. The Terrace has been in SL for six years.”

Andrew strives for the personal touch in all aspects of the restaurant, ” I think what makes us unique in SL is that when folks make a reservation they are talking directly to me rather than an online system.” He even has a DJ available, at no additional cost, who does custom playlists and requests. Being able to make the music match the mood of the guests is just another custom touch that makes The Terrace standout as an excellent dining option.

Every restaurant I found offered totally lush and cozy environments for dining. The Willows, for example, offers a honeymoon suite should the evening require a private retreat. The Arbor can change the view out the windows to any location desired be it London at night or a snowy afternoon in the Rockies.Food 3

One can also have a kitchen and dining area in one’s home. There are many designers who offer home furniture, ranging from complete kitchens to simple table and chairs. Two resources I have used a lot are Dysfunctionality and Dutchie Furniture. Both offer clever items for furnishing a home. Dysfunctionality tends towards items with a land impact of 1 or 2 and workable animations. Dutchie tends to have greater land impact but offers options of display and lots of well-designed animations. One example is a bookcase (which I own) where each shelf of books can be moved about so one can replicate the bookcase side-by-side, shuffle the shelves and create a wall of books that has a very natural, random appearance. Each bookcase has a land impact of 3 or 4 depending on width.

The food served can be as simple as a Coke or glass of wine or as complex as a multiple course meal served on china with silverware and complex animations to make it all work.

David and Deepy at Kitchen KornerAn excellent source of all things food is Kitchen Korner, owned and created by David Therian. See the photograph of David and I enjoying a meal using his Master Chief resources. The Master Chief is a product line consisting of dining tables, chairs, china, tableware and meals & drinks that are all integrated together, with gender specific animations, to provide a complete eating experience; breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks… everything. I have purchased items from Kitchen Korner for years and have been delighted with each item.

There are many ways to share a meal in SL and each time is an experience of drawing closer with our friends. Bon Appétit.

Places to Check Out

  • Kitchen Korner – The source for kitchen and dining needs. Items are nicely designed and highly functional. Prim counts are a bit high but worth it. Animations are gender specific and very excellently done. The Master Chief line is especially clever and functional. Owner is DavidDM Therian. Kitchen Korner (114, 151, 60) .
  • The Terrace Lounge and Grille Restaurant – A full service, fine dining restaurant. Whether a romantic dinner for two, a family gathering, or a banquet you are assured of being served by a unique team of professionals. Private dining venues for special occasions. Contact Jorden Andrew for reservations. Adobes (78, 187, 22).
  • The Willows – They offer fine food, beautiful scenery and much more. Come sample their dinner menu, experience excellent service and peaceful surroundings that will calm even the roughest day. The Willows Restaurant and Club was founded by Legacy MacPherson and Renessme Aristocrat and Myket Ebonyrose have stepped in to be co-owners. For bookings, please message RachelCalico. MistyFalls (81, 49, 21).
  • The Arbor is a very established restaurant and the oldest surviving restaurant in SL. They pride themselves on creating their own unique dishes. They also create the mood of different places around the world for dining. By reservation only. POMODORINO (119, 228, 1510).
  • Dysfunctionality – A source for very nicely designed and sophisticated appearing kitchens and dining rooms. Limited animations but quite functional. All mesh and very low prims, usual land impact of 1 or 2. Owner is Anke Sillyfish (Anke Hatchuk) and she cooperates with a number of designers. Dysfunctionality (53, 97, 24).
  • Dutchie Furniture – Wide range of well designed, attractive kitchen and dining room furniture. Usually a good selection of well-designed animations. Owned by Froukje Hoorenbeek. Dutchie Furniture (148,84,22).

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Text and Photographs by Deepthinker Oh

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