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Story and Pictures by Maxx Mistwalker  The first thing I was greeted with upon landing at Vivaldi was a quaint little gazebo surrounded by fireflies and the smell of salt […]

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Story and Pictures by Maxx Mistwalker

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Click on all images to see them full size

 The first thing I was greeted with upon landing at Vivaldi was a quaint little gazebo surrounded by fireflies and the smell of salt water rolling off the cove that’s neatly tucked in between small rock hills just right for scaling. If you are looking for a place to relax on a beach, soaking up some sun or play in the waves that leave frothy foam behind, Vivaldi is the place for you. I happened upon it as a listing for photographic sims and I haven’t left since. The creators are not only brilliant with prims and mesh, they are super nice people who welcomed me with open arms.

Vivaldi_002As I walked among the trees at Vivaldi I happened upon a small fishing shack. Parked next to it was an old broken down pickup truck that invites anyone to come take a load off and lay back to gaze at the stars at night. Or perhaps snuggle a bit with the stars shining down on you?

When I was fortunate enough to meet the creator/builder of this island, I wanted to find out how long it took to craft this masterpiece, he responded “The build took about sixty hours or so, over the course of three weeks.” The newest addition to Vivaldi is a hidden cave, so hidden in fact that, I have spent countless hours combing the island and still have yet to find that illusive cave. I hear that there are some lost travelers still stuck inside. Do you dare to try to find them?

Vivaldi_010When asked about his favorite part of creating such a beautiful island, creator Shen Molenaro thought for a moment before he answered. He told me that,  “Visualizing what I’d like to see be implemented on the sim, then having the power to create or buy what I had in mind instantly, with the magic of SL. God I love this world.”

Among the newest additions to Vivaldi is The Butterfly Garden. As soon as I found it I was greeted not only by hundreds of butterflies glancing across the breeze but with a soft bench placed carefully among them.

Vivaldi_005I also had the pleasure of meeting the family that commissioned the island’s creation and found them to be an amazing group of people who not only welcomed me to the island but to their home for a tour and chat. I was presented with the opportunity to chat with Jazz and Alex Luciano, the co-owners and co-creators of Vivaldi. I asked Jazz what his inspiration was for the island, “We originally wanted to do a beach theme: palm trees, sandy beaches, but again just couldn’t get that ‘wow factor.’ Alex and I started looking around for a sim designer and found out they cost a pretty penny. I decided to ask Shen if he would be up for the job and he accepted. We met together and discussed things that we wanted to incorporate into the sim. It was important for us to have the beach and Alex wanted waterfalls on the sim. Shen started with the beach and it turned out amazing, and we just went from there.”

Vivaldi_003Alex (the lady of the house and wife of Jaxx) was gracious enough to treat me to a complete tour of the house that this sim was built for, all the while speaking lovingly of her family. The home was simply beautiful, the smallest details were not missed in the decorating.

There was much heart and love put into creating such a beautiful sim, and the care and dedication shows. At first glance the sim appears to have a vast beach with places to sit and cuddle with that special someone but if you have time to venture around you’ll see a butterfly garden, a mountain top sanctuary and a hidden cave, just to name a few. Stop by and take a peek around, you will not be disappointed. Tell them Maxx sent you!

Maxx Mistwalker Writer and Photographer

Maxx Mistwalker
Writer and Photographer