War is Hell

So, you missed the Greatest Generation only because you were born a few decades too late? Yes, those guys who lived through the Great Depression in their teens and, in their twenties, went on to save the world from the authoritarian regimes in Europe and Asia. Well, by now, as a resident of Second Life in good standing you should know that the fulfillment of every desire is just a few clicks away. So, gear up and be ready to be a part of history in New Bastogne, the centerpiece of a four-sim area devoted to World War II role playing.

You’ll find yourself in the German-occupied city of Caen, Normandy, in Northern France, in 1944. You hear the constant shootings, the bratatat of the machine guns is deafening, the air is filled of smoke and cries of agony. War is hell and you’re in the middle of it. What to do?

You’ll have to choose sides, of course. But before you do, a word of warning from Schütze Fritz Glaube, “All groups in the New Bastogne WWII sims, be they German, Russian, American, etc. exist simply for historical role play and combat reenactment. No groups here have any intention of being political and we strongly discourage bringing political ideologies into this sim.” Glaube is himself a member of the German group Leibstandarte and he has been playing in different WWII sims for almost nine years.

Now that you know which side you’ll be fighting for, grab your Lindens and head for the store (there are several stores in the sim, and anybody will gladly help you to get there) to find a nice outfit. And weapons, of course. Believe me, you’re going to need them. Or maybe a tank, why not? But if you just want to have a taste before opening your purse, there are many free uniforms and combat weapons you can use until you decide that, even if war is hell, that’s the kind of hell for you.