Who Will be the Next LUXE Paris Look of the Year?

Check out the sidebar for the six semi-finalists chosen each week. At the end, one of these women will win the most astounding array of gifts and benefits ever offered. […]

Check out the sidebar for the six semi-finalists chosen each week. At the end, one of these women will win the most astounding array of gifts and benefits ever offered.

Beginning now is the 2018 LUXE Paris Look of the Year contest. The winner will receive: 50,000 LINDENS; one year of free shopping at LUXE Paris (a value of L$30,000); fashion features in Maniera Magazine, ModeLS Magazine, Confidencial Magazine and L’Amour Diversity Magazine (a total value of L$40,000); scholarship to In Nova-Modeling Academy  (value of L$4,000), a crown by Zuri Jewelry (value of L$799); L$3,000 gift certificate from Alma Makeup; and L$3,500 gift Certificate from Pro Pose.

I had blood pressure in the clouds
For Naar Rexen, the 2017 Face of LUXE Paris, the most intense moment of the contest was definitely the grand finale. “I was so nervous, I had blood pressure in the clouds,” remembers Naar, laughing. But one year later, she cherishes the experience.

“This contest had an important impact on my virtual life,” says Naar. “Professionally, I felt valued and I grew more as a model and stylist. Mika Palmyra and Parisian Skytower, the owners and designers of LUXE Paris, recognize and value the work of a model! They respect it and applaud it! They make you continue to believe in this world and encourage you to continue growing.”

What is her advice to the new contestants? “First of all, be yourself,” advises Naar. “Give free rein to your creativity when you are styling and do not be afraid!”

It is easy to enter. Wear a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title and send it, in-world, to LUXEParisLookOfTheYear resident.

The two runner ups will receive a Zuri tiara (L$449), a gift card from Pro Pose (L$2,500 for the first runner up and L$1,500 for the second runner up) and a gift card from Alma Makeup (L$1,000 for the first runner up and L$500 for the second runner up).

That’s not all…

6 SEMI-FINALISTS will be chosen every week for 5 WEEKS and see their picture published in Maniera Magazine at http://manierasl.mymaniera.com, starting June 6th.

ALL THE PARTICIPANTS that add the secret password ”GLAMOUR” after their name in the title of their entry, will automatically receive the LUXE Paris STYLISH BLACK Fat Pack, a set of 3 outfits.

12 FINALISTS will be revealed at Maniera magazine on July 11th. They will each received 10 LUXE Paris outfits and be invited to participate in two challenge shows sponsored by AIM and SWANK. These are: LUXE Paris at the Beach, which will take place on July 22th, and LUXE Paris at the Moulin Rouge, on July 29th. This last challenge will be followed immediately by the grand finale.

The contestants will be judged on their style, elegance and originality by our panel of judges: Deepthinker Oh, Managing Editor at Maniera Magazine, Boniefacio Boucher, owner of AIM and ModeLS Magazine, Naar Rexen, ”Look of the Year 2017” and owner of In-Nova Modeling Academy, Adonis Lubomir, owner of Swank Events, Ava Jhamin. owner of L’Amour Diversity Magazine, Chemak Kamala, owner of Confidencial Magazine, Zuri Rayna, owner of Zuri Jewelry, Ponchituti Boucher, owner of Pro Pose, Onix Noir, owner of Alma Makeup, Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, co-owners of LUXE Paris.

Fine Print. This contest is open to all SL women! You can enter as many times as you wish as long you wear a different outfit in each entry. The deadline to submit your picture and qualify for the weekly semi-finals are: June 1st, June 8th, June 15th, June 22th and June 29th. All details at LUXE Paris Fashion House on Bao, at http://manierasl.mymaniera.com and on the LUXE Paris look of the year website at http://lookoftheyear.wordpress.com.

The contest is sponsored by AIM, Swank Events, Maniera LLC, LUXE Paris Fashion House, Zuri Jewelry, Alma Makeup, Amour Diversity Magazine, Pro Pose, N-Nova, SL Connfidencial Magazine, ModeLS Magazine, AIM Productions, and Fashion.


As the contest, LUXE Paris Look of the Year, is on for a fourth edition, we meet the 2017 winner of this style competition. Naar Rexen comes from Spain and has had a Second Life since 2011. She got involved in fashion “… a few days after I created my avatar! I’ve always been crazy about fashion.”

“I started studying at a modeling academy (I was a bit precocious). I graduated, but because I felt so new, I left it. A year later though, knowing SL better, I went back to study. In the end, I did several courses.”

What differences does Naar see between a model in real life and a virtual model? “Well, the differences are abysmal! A RL model only walks on the catwalk, around her there is a team of workers who do the rest. In SL, a model must do everything: Style the clothes (accessories, hairstyle, makeup …), edit so that everything is perfect and nothing deform or break the clothes, look for poses that perfectly show the design and that the client will find attractive. The work of a model in SL is very complete and very professional. It is a pity that there are still people who do not appreciate it.”

Naar found the contest to be a challenge but really not difficult. “Luxe Paris designs give a lot of play when styling them. They have very versatile designs with which it is easy and very comforting to work with.” She feels that the LUXE Paris brand is “Fresh and chic! Very modern fashion for women who are proud to be and who take care of their image.”

However, show time was intense for her. “My God, what nerves! In addition to a lot of lag! And to top it off, the sim went down and the organization had to be quick and look for another place to finish the show. And on top of that, competing with very good models, great professionals. God, I had blood pressure in the clouds!”

Winning the contest had positive results for Naar, “Professionally, I felt valued and grew more as a model and stylist. Personally, I met great people who are now part of my life, who have given me support in the hardest moments and have shared my joys.”

Naar has some strong opinions about changes she would make in the world of Second Life fashion. She said, “We do a very hard job. We take care of even the smallest detail. A model can take several days to several weeks to prepare a walkway design. And the worst thing is not that in most cases we are not paid for our work (it seems that no one thinks about the money that a model invests in looking for and buying hair, accessories, makeup or poses that stand out a design). No. The worst thing is that this work is not valued. We are not recognized. Sometimes not even a thank you. It is very, very sad. The models recognize and value the work of a designer. They care about making the client satisfied and happy. But are we valued and recognized? In most of the cases, no.”

Written by Deepthinker Oh. Interview and photographs by Mika Palmyra