Winter Travels: Loch Noble Winter

Loch-Banner1by Sammie Audion

Scotland is well known for its myths and legends. Every region has one or more pieces to add to its rich cultural inheritance. Much of the myths are drawn around the nature of the country during the seasons of the year. It was said that Beira, the Queen of Winter, ruled the winter months with a firm hold, slamming the country with fierce storms and covering the land in deep snow. Some even believed that the creation of the lochs and mountains must be attributed to her.

I don’t know if Loch Noble Winter was inspired by Beira. Frankly, I am not even sure if the spirit of the Queen of Winter made it into Second Life® (SL). On second thought, SL would indeed be the perfect place for her to continue her existence. Looking at the harsh nature at the sim, one might conclude that she did in fact make her way into this realm.

The mystic winter landscape is not exactly inviting. You might tend to grab a blanket or turn up the heater just bit when traveling the land at the loch. A traveler will probably arrive by boat from the sea, getting ashore below a large house made in Georgian architecture defining its creation in the early eighteenth century. One could argue it is a castle, however looking at Scottish architecture, it lacks some of the typical qualifiers.

loch_pic001A cold wind blows down at the pier that leads from the arrival platform along the cliffs to a more approachable walkway ashore, situated closely to the little beach. Flying lanterns in the sky called Ethereals are giving the landscape a somewhat festive atmosphere.

loch_pic043On the way up to the large house, more and more of a little village is revealed. European cars and rollers are parked in the streets as well as bicycles, even though one would think a bicycle would not necessarily a good choice given all the snow. In one of the alleys, someone seems be ready for a winter vacation, but must have forgotten something upstairs and left the luggage in the street.

While the village is built with very detailed textures (mostly mesh builds), much of the mystic beauty is to be found in the landscape itself. The forest shines beautifully in its winter coat. The snow makes the world quiet as if to make sure the life it covers has its peace to recover from the previous year. In the forest, snow covers the paths and only the lanterns guide the lonely wanderer through the cold night. It seems easy to imagine how a lore is born out in the dark or by families sitting around the fireplace.

Maybe some mystical stories were also created at the smaller mansion we find at Loch Noble Winter. The building is hidden in the forest and the stone walls armed with large iron gates keep any unwanted visitors out. Time seems to stand still at this mystical place that, intentionally or not, is indeed reviving the spirit of Beira.


After a walk through the forest, hot chocolate and coffee is offered to warm the hands and the body. Hopefully, that will be enough to shake off any spooky feelings. Certainly, in the morning the children will go out and play or build the first snowman of the season.

loch_pic030It is getting time for this writer to cover under a blanket and look outside the window as snowflakes fall from the white and cloudy sky. If your winter means nice temperatures and palm trees and you miss the winter wonderland… or because you like wintertime in general or maybe even simply exploring SL, then Loch Noble Winter does await you. But don’t forget to dress warm.

Immerse yourself in Winter, visit Loch Noble Winter, Pinewinds (43, 217, 23).

Sammie Audion Staff Editor

Sammie Audion
Staff Editor