Zombie Outbreak

You’re snug and cozy in your home, curled up in your favorite couch, waiting… The semblance of normalcy around you is not enough to fool you. You know that out there something is terrible wrong. An ominous feeling keeps pressing your heart and a sense of anguish crawls under your skin. They will come and they will come for you. And there is no way out.

You peek through the planks that cover the windows and have a look: charred cars litter the roads. Through the broken windows of the dilapidated buildings you can see them… wandering aimlessly, faltering, stumbling upon every obstacle, guided more by their noses than their eyes. What if they smell you? Will you be ready? Will you be willing to fight?

There has been an outbreak that infected large swaths of the population. Nobody’s survival is guaranteed. The world as we knew it is all but disappeared, as the infected people roams from place to place, spreading the contagion that by now, 1197 days after the first case was diagnosed, is impossible to contain. Your best chance is run and fight. Fight and run while trying to make do with whatever few resources you find.

Would you like to know what’s next? Come find out at Outbreak, a sim devoted to zombie roleplaying. Be warned that this is not your everyday let’s-kill-some-zombies kind of game, but a serious role playing with characters with elaborated back stories and well-defined personalities. So, come take a look. You’re in for a great time!